Protection of personal data

At we respect user needs to protect their personal information. Whether you buy a membership or just browse through the site, we want the users to feel secure with our policy for protecting their personal information. When MrCal365 receive such information, we will treat them according to the following policy. We advise you to read this policy regarding protection of personal data.

By using our Services you provide us with information, files, and folders that you submit to MrCal365. You retain full ownership to your files. We don't claim any ownership of any of it. These Terms do not grant us any rights to your files or intellectual property except for the limited rights that are needed to run the Services, as explained below.

We may need your permission to do things you ask us to do with your files, for example, hosting your files. This includes product features visible to you, for example, image thumbnails or document previews. It also includes design choices we make to technically administer our Services, for example, how we redundantly backup data to keep it safe. You give us the permissions we need to do those things solely to provide the Services. This permission also extends to trust third parties we work with to provide the Services.

To be clear, no matter how the Services change, we won't share your content with others, including law enforcement, for any purpose unless you direct us to. You are solely responsible for your conduct, the content of your files and folders, and your communications with others while using the Services. For example, it's your responsibility to ensure that you have the rights or permission needed to comply with these Terms.

We may choose to review public content for compliance, but you acknowledge that MrCal365 has no obligation to monitor any information on the Services. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, or legality of files, user posts, or any other information you may be able to access using the Services.

We make the registration of your personal information for the purpose of delivering the item to you.

The personal data are registered with Mrcal365 and stored for five years after which the information is deleted.

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it is always done by giving your explicit consent so that you are informed exactly what information is collected and why.

The Director has access to the information that is registered about you.

We do not store customer information encrypted.
We do not transmit customer information encrypted.

Information provided to Mrcal365 is not disclosed or sold to third parties in any way, and we do not detect any personally sensitive information.

As registered with Mrcal365, you are always entitled to object to the registration. You also have the right to understand what information is registered about you. You have these rights in accordance with the Personal Data Act and your inquiry in relation to the above e-mail.